WATCH: Antonio Banderas’ Picasso TV series to premiere in April


"GENIUS: PICASSO", the National Geographic television series partly shot on Spain's Costa del Sol, will premiere on April 24 it has been announced.

This second season of the Emmy-nominated series will star Antonio Banderas, one of Malaga's most famous sons, playing another - the painter Pablo Picasso.

Alex Rich plays the young Pablo.

Some key scenes were shot in southern Spain, including the house where the painter was born, the church where he was baptised and the bullring that inspired him in his youth but locations also included Barcelona, Paris, Budapest and Malta.

It is expected the ten-episode series will be released in 172 countries and 43 languages.

The first season, based on Einstein's biography, was nominated for the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes.

Source: euroweeklynews