T.time by Teresa Espeso


Marbella O'Clock meets Teresa Espeso, founder of T.TIME! to tell us more about her new project.

- How did T.TIME! come about?

It arises from my belief in a slow life, "slow life", in which you can enjoy yourself without being in a hurry. A life in which we can dedicate ourselves to what we like and make us happy.

One of the guidelines of this lifestyle is to externalise tasks that require more time than they are worth, and that is why T. TIME! was born, so that anyone who wants to can count on our support in daily and extraordinary tasks.

- Could we say then that it is a concierge service? Yes, but with some nuances.

My intention was that this kind figure, linked to luxury, would be within everyone's reach. That is why the idea of Online-Personal Concierge arose.

A more relaxed concept to be able to reach each of your homes.

The idea is that we can all count on a personal assistant by the hour, or by task, without the need to maintain a fixed salary.

-We have seen that within the services of Online-Personal Concierge, we advise on the creation of trips and events. Tell us more.

That's right. We advise on creating experiences as close or as far as you choose. So that our clients fall in love again with places they thought they already knew and rediscover new concepts and ways of enjoying themselves.

We offer experiences in magical places, where peace, nature, the encounter with new cultures or simplicity are the protagonists.

- Apart from creating customised trips and events, we see that T. TIME! also creates its own events. How is this?

It is very important for me to be able to offer spaces and experiences that fill our souls. The T. TIME! T. TIME! meetings have a spiritual character. The aim is to ensure that each person who attends finds calm and well-being. Connecting with oneself through different arts or disciplines.

An oasis of peace in the midst of the sometimes stressful day-to-day.

"Soul the moment"