Oria Architects 50th anniversary


This year ORIA Arquitectos celebrates 50 years of dedication in architectural design.
Studio established in the Costa del Sol in 1970, having done projects in many countries across Europe and Latin America. We've interviewed Eduardo Oria Sotés, second generation of the firm, who will talk to us about how to continue, after so many years, on being a reference in the field.
M.C.: Eduardo, tell us how you became a part of the family studio.
E.O.: After studying architecture in the United States and Madrid, I moved to China to broaden my architectural and cultural knowledge. These experiences combined with my passion for travelling and history, motivated me to return home and put everything I had learned into practice.
M.C.: How have you managed to integrate tradition with innovation?
All these years of experience and the creation of a unique style of architectural design have made my father, Eduardo Oria Feliú, a landmark among the architects of Spain. After I joined the studio five years ago, all this blends in with a new feel for the spaces and design, joining with the incorporation of the latest technologies, such as the BIM methodology.
M.C.: Tell us which are and have been the most important projects of the studio in these 50 years.
One of the big projects of the studio has been Puerto Marina, in Benalmádena. It was a challenge, according to my father, to have carried out this work out at sea and to be one of the first successful marinas in the world with islands and "floating" houses.
Today, my on-going search for detail and comfort, has resulted in our latest project: Reserva del Conde; a residential compound of 9 houses in Nueva Andalucía, where the warmth, harmony and focus of this new architecture can be appreciated.I would also like to tell you how important it is for the studio to create unique and personalised projects. This is how we find even greater challenges to overcome and how the true connection with our clients materializes.
Our working process is complete; we guide and advise throughout the whole process. From the search of the most appropriate estate, all the way to the finishing of the turn-key project.
M.C.: So Eduardo, what would you say is the key to success at ORIA Arquitectos?
The combination of doing what we like with a continuing conceptual and technological evolution.