My American Dream started in Marbella!


Andreah Campo is a typical young girl from Marbella, with Spanish and American nationality. Her parents are both entrepreneurs here on the Costa del Sol. Andreah began her studies at The American College in Spain in her second-to-last year of high school. Despite coming from a totally different educational system, she quickly adapted to the American educational system, which is known to be very interactive, where students' participation in class, critical thinking, and reasoning are encouraged instead of just memorization. "The American High School helped me boost my grades and actually enjoy learning. Most of the material was covered in class and not at home whilst being stuffed with homework." Says Andreah.

After almost two years, Andreah obtained her High School diploma directly from the educational center with which The American College in Spain is affiliated with in the United States. This is an American degree, approved by the federal government and by all universities in the United States and Canada. In addition, this qualification is recognized by the North American University Athletic Association known as NCAA, which allows student-athletes to compete in powerful American university sports leagues, as well as qualify for scholarships. Any athlete who has a good ranking and good grades can easily be eligible for a sports scholarship in the United States.

After graduating from the High School program at ACS, Andreah decided to enroll in the university program. The university program at ACS is accredited by Broward College in Florida, which is affiliated with several universities across the U.S., especially in Florida, where students will spend the first two years at ACS and then transfer directly to their chosen university where they will graduate with a Bachelor's degree. Andreah told us: "I decided to stay one more year in Marbella because I was not sure what I wanted to study and I was not ready to go and live alone in the United States. Thanks to the agreement that ACS has, I enrolled in the US but remained in Marbella for the first year. After completing these studies, I realized that I wanted to study hospitality management. I was also extremely impressed with the internship opportunities the educational center had to offer. I was placed in an event management internship in Portugal where Barack Obama was the main speaker."

The faculty at The American College in Spain helped me get into my chosen university, Florida International University (FIU), in their nationwide known hospitality program. In 2018 Andreah moved to Miami to continue her studies and finish her degree in hospitality management. "What most caught my attention about this university was the impressive facilities it has. Within the campus there is a residence hall, several restaurants, libraries, a two-story gym, a shopping center; they have their own bank and police, as well as a supermarket, hairdresser, hospital, two stadiums, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. However, my biggest and most pleasant surprise was the quality of the studies and the level of the professors."

During the entire time that Andreah was in Miami, she began to live the true American dream. Thanks to being a student at this university, she was able to get a job in the prestigious Mandarin Oriental hotel chain, in the most luxurious hotel in Miami working full-time in the restaurant, which is owned by the famous Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio. According to Andreah, "It is amazing how easy it is to find work in the United States. I got two or three offers and they pay you three or four times more than in Spain. I loved the idea of being able to work in my chosen career without it interfering with my classes ".

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Andreah was forced to return to Spain to continue her studies virtually in March 2020. Once restrictions eased up, Andreah was offered a job placement at The American College in administration. "I was pleasantly surprised to see how my school in Marbella has adapted fantastically to the necessary sanitary measures. It has broadband Internet and all classrooms are equipped with cameras and the most advanced technology. Both teachers and students have been trained to make the best use of virtual classes. All desks are separated by plastic screens and before entering the center all students must take their temperature and must use the FFP2 mask among many other measures.

"Thanks to The American College in Spain I was able to obtain my High School diploma, I attended the first year of university in Marbella and got accepted into FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality Management; I was also able to work in one of the best hotel chains in the world and in a highly prestigious restaurant within the same hotel. When we were affected by the pandemic, my professors and the directors of ACS helped me to continue studying, doing internships and working until I can hopefully return to my life in Miami, at Florida International University and continue living a unique experience and the American dream".