Marbella hopes its Michelin stars will boost tourism


Marbella's four Michelin-starred restaurants will be present at Fitur, the International Tourism Fair in Madrid

Marbella council is hoping that the four restaurants who recently had their Michelin stars renewed, will help bring more tourists to the town. The first step will be at the Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid (Fitur) where the four establishments, Dani García, El Lago, Skina and Messina will be taking part.

The aim is to highlight the quality of the gastronomy available in Marbella at the fair and to make the tourist attraction of the town less seasonal.

Although the programme of events is still to be confirmed, on Tuesday 16 January, the eve of the inauguration of the fair, the council will offer cocktails at the Santa Coloma Palace with the catering provided by Dani García. It is expected to be attended by over 200 guests.

Two days later, the other three restaurants in Marbella that have Michelin stars - El Lago, Skina and Messina - will offer 'show cooking' at the Marbella stand. The intention is that both events will have a huge impact and place Marbella on the haute cuisine map.

All the municipalities and autonomous regions of Spain will be striving to make an impact on the national and international press at the fair.

Besides promoting the town's gastronomy, Marbella council is also planning to promote forthcoming major sporting events (the Davis Cup and Iron Man) in a bid to make Marbella an all-year-round tourist attraction.

Source: Sur in english