Marbella expects to present its Urban Plan for initial approval by the end of the year


The one which had been approved in 2010 was rejected by the Supreme Court six years ago

Marbella is currently in the process of drawing up its new Urban Plan following the Supreme Court decision six years ago to reject the one which had been approved in 2010. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, had already said that both the LOUA and the LISTA were being taken into account, so the council would be able to adapt to either situation.

"Here in Marbella we will continue to work on our new Urban Plan and we expect it to receive initial approval by the end of this year," she said. That date had been chosen precisely because the LISTA was expected to have come into force by then.

"We have been working with both laws in mind, but we wanted the LISTA to have been approved when our Plan comes into force, so I hope that by then we will have the new regional planning law, and we will be able to adopt it through an additional provision" she explained.

Muñoz said this is something that "doesn't just affect Marbella. It also affects the economy, development and a sensation of security for investors, because they will have a law which does away with a lot of the bureaucratic processes and makes everything easier," she added. In any case, Marbella will seek initial approval for the version of the Urban Plan which complies with the regulations under the LOUA.

The mayor said it is a shame that the move by Vox in the Andalusian parliament has slowed down a regulation which would result in greater economic activity and less bureaucracy, and she accused Vox of "putting its own electoral interests first with regard to legislation which would produce a huge economic boost in the current situation".

"I believe Vox should sit down and reflect hard on what it has done, because neither its voters nor the population in general are going to understand why it is trying to stop something which will benefit everybody," she said.

"There are decisions in politics which should never be made in haste or through tantrums," she warned, and said she hopes the LISTA will be able to go ahead, "and the attitude of Vox will not result in a setback for Marbella or for anywhere else in Andalucía".

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