Marbella attracting the interest of Marriott for new high-end holiday rentals


The Marriott International group has its eyes on Marbella as a potential destination for its new venture into high-end holiday rental properties.

The group's vice-president in Europe, Jenni Benzaquen, told the Efe news agency that "the company is actively searching for opportunities in Marbella and its surroundings, an area which, alongside Ibiza, is one where the group would like to develop its luxury brand in the future".

Benzaquen explained that younger people are now more interested in experiences than buying material objects, thus the brand's new project, Homes & Villas, which will offer 2,000 high-end residences in more than 100 locations across the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.

If Marbella is chosen as a destination, it won't be the only Marriott project in the area. W Marbella, which was presented in Hong Kong last March, is expected to open on Real Zaragoza beach in 2021.

Source: Sur in english