Malaga to welcome new 'world's largest cruise ship' on March 27


Royal Caribbean has chosen the city's port to unveil the Symphony of the Seas to the international market ahead of maiden voyage

Malaga will host the worldwide presentation of the new cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, the latest launched by Royal Caribbean. It is the world's largest and the company is due to officially unveil the ship to international travel agents and partners in the port of Malaga on 27 March, where it arrives from the shipyard in France on its way to start its maiden voyage four days later. It is due to be in the port from 6am to 10pm.

The ship, due to sail from Barcelona afterwards over seven nights on its maiden trip, promises to be even more impressive than the other giant ships owned by Royal Caribbean. The vessel will have innovative leisure facilities, such as the highest slide on a ship, at ten stories high, a surfing simulator, a zipwire, an escape room and a Bionic Bar, staffed by robotic bartenders. There will also be a duplex family suite with its own cinema room and a Lego wall from floor to ceiling.

With the arrival of Symphony of the Seas from the shipyard STX France, Malaga will become the only city in the world that has welcomed all four of the Oasis class mega ships owned by Royal Caribbean.

The vessel is five times the size of the Titanic by volume, at 362 metres long, and has a weight of 227,000 tons. It has the capacity to accommodate 6,780 passengers and 2,175 crew members across its 16 decks. The presentation in Malaga will be attended by, among others, Paulino Plata Cánovas, president of the Malaga port authority; Francisco de la Torre Prados, mayor of Malaga; Elías Bendodo, president of the Diputación provincial authority and Belén Wangüemert, head of Royal Caribbean in Europe.

The company, that also owns the world's second largest boat, Harmony of the Seas, said that they intend to create "a new level of holiday adventure" and offer "the best escape for families of all types" .

Source: Sur in english