Interview Andrés Martínez, "In Joys live you will find good music in a wide variety of styles".


Hello we talk with the great musician Andrés Martínez, first of all thank you for receiving us and for granting us this interview, Currently we can find Andrés in the discotheque of reference in Marbella and Puerto Banus, Joys live, where along with seven other musicians you can find live music every day from 21:30.

What led you to become a musician?

Well, I think I had no other choice hahaha, I come from a family of musicians and above all passionate about music, so I grew up in that environment and I am delighted to have grown up like that.

Tell us about your musical training and vocation?

I went to a local academy in my town in Uruguay and there I started studying on those old double keyboard organs with a bass pedal on the left leg and a volume pedal on the right leg. I remember how hard it was for me to coordinate all that.

Then as a teenager I went to private classical piano teachers and I got more into the world of live music, etc.

Who inspired you to make music?

I don't really know, my father is a musician and before that he was a Dj. We had records and music at home all day and I liked everything. I still like many different styles and when it comes to performing, I have a quite varied repertoire.

What instruments do you play and which one is your favorite?

I play piano and saxophone. The piano is the instrument I have played all my life and with the saxophone I started late, when I was a teenager. Then I stopped playing it and I took it up again a few years ago and I must say that I got so caught up in it that it became my favorite instrument.

How would you define your style?

I'm a fan of the 80's. So I'm really into that style and also Latin music. But to sum it up, current songs and songs from all my life.

Do you feel identified with any singer?

Well, many, Phil Collins is my favorite and in Latin music the master Juan Luis Guerra.

You are currently working in Joys Puerto Banus, what can customers find in this emblematic place of Puerto Banus?

We have a great variety of artists 7 days a week all year round. Pianists, saxophonists, guitarists, duos, and some of the best singers on the coast.

We start with live music from 21:30 on our terrace and then we move to the lounge with various artists where people do not stop dancing and singing until the wee hours of the morning.

Could you tell us 3 reasons to invite people who don't know Joys to enjoy one day of your live music?

Good music and variety of styles.

A great atmosphere

And a lot of fun every night.

Can you tell us the days and times we can find you at Joys?

We try to vary from time to time the days of each artist, in my case I'm there performing from Thursday to Monday from 23:30.

Apart from Andres Martinez what other artists can we find at Joys?

We have Hits brothers, Eli Hernandez, Diva Garal, Oscar Roots, Lesley Harrison, Alicia Lane, Sam Jones, Jai Northover, Mark Connor, Roberto Cantero and many more artists that often come by and work with us.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love outdoor sports, in this privileged place we live in.

Speaking of the future, do you have something in mind?

This pandemic has taught us that we are very vulnerable and I don't want to make long term plans, so I am enjoying the present and learning from new experiences. But if everything continues as it is now, I will feel lucky.

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