From the deepest depths of the oceans to outer space for Marbella tourism summit


The American (NASA), European (ESA) and Japanese (JAXA) space agencies will attend the international SUTUS summit taking place on the Costa del Sol at the end of September

Marbella will once again become the epicentre of space and underwater tourism this September with the international SUTUS (Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit) taking place from 28 to 30 at Les Roches.

The event will be attended by more than 50 speakers from twelve countries (Spain, United States, Australia, Japan, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, United Kingdom and the Netherlands).

During the summit, the candidate cities to host the Spanish Space Agency will present their projects. The central government approved the creation of a Space Council to promote the launch of the Agency in 2023 and Seville, Teruel, León, Puertollano, Tres Cantos and Robledo de Chavela have applied to host it.

In addition more than 30 companies will present their projects during the three days of the event, including Orbital Assembly, Space VIP, Axiom Space, Earth 300, Pisces VI, Zero 2 Infinity and Green Moon Project.

Among the participants there will be representatives from the most well-known space agencies; NASA will be represented by Sam Scimemi, from the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate, who will give details of the American space agency's plans, with the latest news on the Artemis project, whose launch has been postponed until Saturday 10 Spetember, following technical problems and inclement weather. ESA will share the progress of the Euro Moon Mars project with Bernard Foing, executive director of the International Lunar Exploration Task Force.

Hiroko Asakura from the Japanese agency JAXA will present its new challenges and the selection process for sending a Japanese astronaut to the moon at the end of this decade. Asakura is the deputy director of JAXA's Paris office.

Tony Gannon, Vice President of Research and Innovation at Space Florida, will share the current map of the space race and the director of the International Space University, Pascale Ehrenfreund, will talk about the importance of educating the next generation of space leaders. Nancy Vermeulen, private astronaut trainer at the Space Training Academy, and Susan Kilrain, retired Astronaut Commander will also be attending the event.

In terms of underwater tourism, Fabien Cousteau, co-founder and chief ocean explorer of Proteus Ocean Group; Scott Waters, president of Pisces VI Submarine; and Aaron Olivera, founder and CEO of Earth 300, will be among the speakers. Jason De Caires, British sculptor and creator of the first underwater sculpture park and the first underwater museum, will also be in attendance.

Source: Sur in english