David Carpenter, The Swiss Brands we represent and why they are the best of the best…


As an independent luxury watch store we have made it our mission to platform luxury Swiss watch brands that have more than just a great story to tell......

They also create truly astonishing masterpieces.

Carefully selected by us, the brands we represent fuse their passion for watchmaking and unparalleled workmanship with imagination, adventure and innovation. We are extremely proud and privileged to represent:

SCHWARTZ ETIENNE, founded in 1902 by Paul Arthur Schwarz and Olga Etienne. A match made in Swiss watchmaking heaven, the couple gave their brand not only its iconic name but also its technical and artistic impetus. In collaboration with prestigious partners including Chanel, Dunhill and Mauboussin, they created and developed a reliable, high quality, cutting-edge movement to increase even further the unique exclusivity of their sought-after watches.

Meeting head-on the challenges faced by the watch industry in the 70s and 80s, Schwartz Etienne made the brand-defining decision to move the manufacture of their watches and movements entirely in-house. Having total control over their entire manufacturing process has been their reward and pivotal to the production of their superb, ground-breaking Schwartz Etienne limited edition watches. From the Roswell, Roma, Fuji and La-Chaux-De-Fonds to Specialist Editions made-to-order for clients who wish to add a personal touch to their timepieces, all are aesthetically and technically remarkable. Working with Schwartz Etienne, telling their story and showcasing their watches is a privilege. We are looking forward to sharing that privilege with you.

PARMIGIANI FLEURIER is a stunning Swiss watch brand of outstanding craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail. Restoring watch movements to their former glory in the early 70s sparked Michel Parmigiani's passion for watchmaking and inspired him to embark upon the creation of his own masterpieces in the surroundings of his small workshop. His company 'Mesure et Art du Temps' restored timepieces for high end watch manufacturers including the Patek Philippe Museum and the Château des Monts. Michel continued his craftsmanship through the 1980s engaging in the maintenance and restoration of the Sandzo Foundation collection of fine watches and clocks. In 1996 Michael took on the challenge of forming Parmigiani Fleurier and the brand was born. Michel's watch-making skills are reflected in the work of his team based at Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne who worked tirelessly to produce PF's first wristwatch, the Toric QP. It was the quality and ingenuity of this piece that set the bench-mark for all future PF wrist watches.....and what a bench mark that has since proven to be! By 2004 Parmigiani had joined forces with Bugatti, creating the Bugatti Type 370, powered in part by a single axis, a miniature of an axis of the car itself and a show-stopping moment for the watch world! The Tonda Hemisphere's follow up in 2007 was PF's first travel watch. The very next year saw the launch of the Tonda Kalparisma Nova marking their first footsteps into the world of manufacturing fabulous watches for women. As time waits for no one, not even the watchmaker, 2011 saw Michel turn 50 with the brand rising to the occasion by presenting him with the Tonda 1950, the year of his birth. This was a landmark event in watch manufacturing history as it saw the introduction of the first Ultra-Slim wristwatch, heralding the production of the World's thinnest flying tourbillion in 2015. Fast forward to 2020 and PF launches the Tonda GT range in steel on a steel bracelet or a Rose Gold case with blue rubber strap. It is one of our favourites. More recently, Parmigiani have updated their logo to the simple, stylish PF, giving the dials on their watches a very contemporary, clean look. The range is great, unique and diverse, bringing to our boutique a level of watchmaking that's second to none. This year mark Michel's 70th birthday, PF have also be founded for 25 years and watch making team at have celebrated this occasion with the launching of the La Rose Carrée, The Grand Finale. This master piece is something to see and will go down in watch making history.

Story telling is key in the world of watches and it's great to share these stories with you, our clients, who we see as friends of ours, our boutique and what we bring to the watch purchasing experience.

We also offer preowned watches, all iconic brands with their own stories to tell. It will be a pleasure to share them with you when we see you. Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Patek Philippe. Great brands, great histories, great stories, great timepieces. Some quite extraordinary, all a pleasure to share. It brings us much delight every day.

You are invited to see our timepieces and hear their stories for yourself. It will be our pleasure to welcome you.

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