Coworkers unite in a nature inspired workspace in the centre of Marbella


Unless you've been living on a small island in the South Paci c for the past 5 years, you will have no doubt heard of the concept of coworking. 

If you haven't, a coworking centre is basically a shared workspace where the resources that a business typically needs are provided by the operator, and where members pay only a single monthly fee. Things like electricity or high-speed internet are included in the fee. In exible contracts that keep you tied in aren't. You choose the level of commitment that suits you, but obviously the more commitment you make, the less it will cost you. Its cost effectiveness and exibility is what makes it so very appealing to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our Space took the coworking concept and evolved it into something fresh and unique; a nature inspired workplace lled with real plants and fauna to make you feel sharper, more energetic and more optimistic, seamlessly interwoven with the latest, easy-to-use, plug-and-play tech, because time is our most precious resource and we don't want to waste it stressing about IT problems (highly attractive to the generation that didn't grow up with a smart phone strapped to their hip). It's a workspace designed to appeal to all ages and all cultures.

Our Space opened its rst coworking centre on Marbella's Golden Mile at the beginning of 2017, and its community of members has evolved into a rich and diverse international melting pot of talent, knowledge and skills that enjoys weekly events and meetups, as well as free massages, free yoga, free beverages, free bike share and more besides. It also sits just minutes from the beach. Networking, making friends and helping to achieving a healthy work/life balance has never been so easy and it's all made possible through a single monthly fee.

The type of workspace you choose, and for how long, will determine the fee: hot desks (turn up and choose whichever desk is available), private desks (your own xed / permanent desk) and a range of private of ces are available. All members can access shared zones and facilities like the face:space booths (for private video calls), the space pods (semi-private cubbyholes for small meetings), the kitchen / dining area and the meeting rooms. Meeting room time is also included in member packages,which can also be booked by non-members.All are equipped with the latest presentation technology and privacy blinds. 

A variety of exible short stay packages are also available (5 day, 10 day), popular with travelling workers. The passes can be stretched out over a period of time too, useful if you're on an extended stay and don't fancy working in the hotel or apartment.

Then there's the virtual packages for aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs looking to present a more 'global' feel. You get a real mailing address as well as allotted time in the coworking centre.

Best of all, you can try before you buy through a free day pass offered to anyone interested in joining.

Hot Desks are currently available for 249 Euros per month and a limited supply of Private Desks are available for 349. The of ces are extremely popular and start from as little as 500 per month. Availability is not guaranteed however. Check with the member team to see what's currently available. 

Our Space recently opened its agship coworking centre in Dubai at the prestigious Lamborghini building on Sheik Zayed Road which means pretty soon, members in Marbella will be networking with members in Dubai, and then over the next 12 months or so, with members in Miami, Manchester,Leeds,Singapore,Hong Kong and others. Imagine the potential possibilities and opportunities that await, which will continue to grow as each new location is added.

Visit the web site or call o arrange a free tour of the features and facilities.