Doctor Aslani, more than 10 years at the forefront of plastic aesthetic surgery on the Costa del Sol.


There is no better time to introduce Cirumed Clinic to you than now, after their 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Their state of the art technology, specialised treatments and friendly staff is just the beginning of what Cirumed Clinic has to offer along with their brand new operating unit. Highly reputable specialist surgeon Dr. Alexander Aslani, is not only owner and director of Cirumed Clinic but also Chairman of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery in both Quironsalud Málaga and Quironsalud Marbella. This credibility matches that of his wife, Jeannine Aslani, Director of the Cosmetic Department, Theatre Nurse and Wound specialist, creating an environment of complementary specialities at Cirumed to provide their patients with the full package. 

Whether you are looking for small tweaks or full body make-overs, Cirumed will be able to provide you with a personalised treatment plan with specialist advice from one of their 26-strong team members.

 Brazilian Butt Lifts and Bikini Body Make-overs are what Dr. Aslani is famed for, and has given him his reputation as "Butt King". His technique using Water Jetstream Liposuction makes his work faster and more efficient than conventional liposuction with the added bonus of also being less invasive. The fat harvested from undesired areas (such as your tummy, back or love handles) is re-infiltrated into either the buttocks or the breasts (or both in the Bikini Body package) and can also be used to complement silicone implants resulting in a more natural look and feel. Redistributing one's own body fat is key to achieving the highly sought after hourglass body shape which is obtained in both of Dr. Aslani's specialty surgeries. Of course, Dr. Aslani is backed by a professional and highly trained team which specialises in Body, Breast and Facial surgeries, allowing a wide variety of surgeries to be performed at their newly installed operating facility. 

Cirumed's recent expansion has furnished them with 5 spacious suites for patients to relax in before and after their operation, two state of the art theatre rooms disposing of the latest surgical equipment and technology and two Laminar Flow Systems which are essential to contamination control. The expansion wouldn't be complete without also considering the patients' companions, who will have an area to enjoy a range of hot drinks, tasty snacks and an essential manicure or pedicure for maximum relaxation. Companions even have the option to have some treatments of their own done in the cosmetic department with most of them taking under an hour.

An especially popular treatment is the "Lunchtime Liposuction", better known as Coolsculpting. This relatively short, pain-free, non-invasive treatment freezes away stubborn fat whilst you chat on your phone, watch a movie or get on with some work. The Zeltiq Machines are FDA approved and there are only six available in Spain; two of which can be found at Cirumed. The Clinic has a handful of staff members who are specially trained by Zeltiq to provide the highest quality service. 

Other treatments focus on anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation, so whether you're looking to flatten some wrinkles, even out pigmentation, fix a scar or just get back your glow, Jeannine and her team will have the solution for you. From Botox and Filler, to Laser skin resurfacing, Platelet rich plasma therapy and vitamin injections, there really is a full range of treatment options available to suit you. It doesn't stop there, if you are looking to end the tiresome, repetitive chore of daily make-up application, Cirumed offers high-standard semi-permanent make-up, to keep your eyes bold, your lips rosy and your face framed with the perfect eyebrows. 

With a decade of growth behind them, and a very optimistic future ahead, Cirumed Clinic's desire to provide patients with the very best version of themselves continues to grow, alongside their team who they consider family. Proud of their achievements, Cirumed is enthusiastic and ready for a great 2018.